Budapest + May 12-13. =

Maurice De Beijer


Event-Sourcing your React-Flux applications

Most React-Flux applications just store the data being edited as is in a database. While it is perfectly fine to treat data in a simple CRUD fashion like this with a smaller application this is not very optimal when applications get more complex. For more complex applications using the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) design pattern together with Event-Sourcing (ES) is a much more powerful solution.

With Event-Sourcing every action leading up to the current state is stored as a separate domain event. This collection of domain events is then used as the write model in the CQRS model. These same events are projected out to a secondary database to build the read model for the application. In this session Maurice de Beijer will explain why you might want to use Event-Sourcing and how to get started with this design in your React and Flux applications.