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JSConf Budapest is a JSConf family member 2-day non-profit for-the-community by-the-community conference about JavaScript in Budapest, Hungary.


Masters of Ceremony

Jake Archibald




By Markus Leutwyler

The workshop focuses on assembling and decorating your robot first, then programming it and at the end a Sumo-style battle!

Journey towards Angular 2

By Gábor Soós and András Fincza

Journey from an old-school AngularJS code to a modern and decent one which is only one step far from an Angular 2 application

Composing music with JavaScript

By Andor Polgar

Be a part of a musical experiment where we all send musical notes to a polyphonic modular synthesizer with the help of WebSockets and Web MIDI API.

Develop webapps with Haxe

By Balazs Zubak and Francis Bourre

Frontend developers creating single-page, stateful applications has a lot of challenge to overcome. To do so we can learn from other technologies that already has some answers for these problems and try to implement it on our environment, the browser.


Learn node.js with NodeSchool's choose-your-own-adventure style interactive workshop.

Three.js Viewer API

By Jaime Rosales and Adam Nagy

No more flat web navigation, add 3D interaction as easy as 1, 2, Three.js

Tessel 2

By Nick Hehr and István Szmozsánszky

Hardware-hacking & prototyping in node.js with the Tessel 2

Crash course on Progressive Web Apps

By Nolan Lawson

How to create an fast, immersive mobile app, built entirely with web technologies


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Full Schedule

Wed Apr 27 2016

Our full schedule is here for May!

Update on the Diversity Jury process

Tue Apr 12 2016

This year, we've teamed up with Green Fox Academy to evaluate Diversity Sponsorship applications

Party Access

Wed Apr 06 2016

Join us to celebrate JavaScript with a great show made with JS, and a party afterwards!

Early Schedule

Thu Mar 24 2016

Here is how these few days in May will look like.

Free Workshops available for every attendee

Sun Jan 10 2016

May 10 will be a day full of workshops, which are available free for every ticket holder

Regular Tickets sale starts 1st January 2016

Thu Dec 31 2015

Regular Tickets are on sale from 1st January. Ticket price is 200 EUR + VAT + Fees = 269 EUR

Starting our Ambassador Program

Tue Dec 15 2015

We aim to help developer communities out there, by our Ambassador Program, providing discounts for meetups and usergroups

Early Bird Tickets are available from 6th December, 10:00 AM CET

Sun Nov 29 2015

Early Bird Tickets are on sale from 6th December, 10:00 AM CET. Ticket price will be 100 EUR + VAT + Fees = 133 EUR

Here we go again!

Thu Oct 01 2015

JSConf Budapest is coming in May 12-13, 2016!


Akvárium Klub, Budapest

Located right in the center of the city, below an actual pool, filled with water!

Akvárium Klub is more than a simple bar: it is a culture center with a wide musical repertoire from mainstream to underground. There is always a good concert and a smashing exhibition, performance, or other event happening here, in a friendly scene, situated right in the city center.