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No more flat web navigation, add 3D interaction as easy as 1, 2, Three.js

A workshop on how to set up a Node.js server and client-side JS code to display and interact with any filename extension 3D model (CAD) using a WebGL and Three.js API.

The API allows developers to create interactive websites for all kinds of different markets where 3D interaction could be added.

The Web world has changed. Now that all the most popular web browsers support WebGL, 3D on the web is a reality. With this workshop, JS and 3D enthusiasts will be able to create interactive web application and also get a head start to VR apps.

I will share my knowledge using a WebGL and Three.js based API that consists of two APIs, I will guide attendees through the entire process of building a simple application, including writing a node.js server, use of npm, hosting the web application and interacting with the 3D model by running different viewer JS extensions.

Workshop Agenda

  • First using the REST API we’ll setup a Node.js server. This allows you to upload and translate 2D/3D models into a light-weight format to later on be downloaded and displayed on the Client Side API (2nd API).   
  • The second API is a client-side JS API that allows you to embed, customize through JS extensions and automate an interactive 2D/3D model viewer on your web page. After all is set, we will investigate the use of a Web IDE that allows us to host our created Github repos, run a dedicated NPM and host our 3D website in the Cloud.

The intended audience for this workshop would be JS and 3D enthusiasts with the desire of taking their Web apps to the next level, where they’ll be able to create attractive and eye-candy web apps and also get a head start to the design of their own VR apps.

When the attendees finish the workshop they will be able to:

  • Create a dynamic application that works in all updated browsers.
  • View 2D/3D models in a browser or device without plug-in or additional software.
  • Create and run Node.js application.
  • Host their 3D website using 3rd party Web IDE.
  • Extend API WEBGL viewer to interact with the 2D/3D models.
  • Identify resources for learning more about the the API.
  • Get the necessary tools and knowledge to create their own VR Apps using the Technology.

About our workshops

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